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The Legend of An Unexpected Treasure

Legend has it that in 1863, Professor Wagner of Leeds, England was looking for a new adventure. After checking a few different options he decided to fulfill his childhood dream of exploring South America.

So on 16th May 1863 he set sail from Liverpool to Caracas. The sailing was hard going, hitting storm after storm across the Atlantic. But finally on 23rd October the Alexander arrived at her destination.

Professor Wagner decided to head towards the Incan site of Machu Picchu. Rather than taking the direct route via the Amazon, his path took him to New Granada. Whilst there he was fascinated by the coffee plantations covering the landscape.

Professor Wagner had never really been a coffee drinker before this, but his perspective was changed by the taste of the beans he sampled.

Realising the difference in flavour, he set about exploring the regions other coffee producing areas. So rather than finding the Incan treasures he'd dreamed of he returned home with a boat load of coffee - at one time described as the common man's gold.

This legend (most likely not true) along with a love of coffee has inspired the creation of the Common Man's Gold coffee range, as well as teas, hot chocolates and coffee and tea making supplies.

What do we sell?

At Common Man's Gold we are passionate about all things coffee! At our stall we sell the following products.



We supply a selection of single origin beans and blends originating from South America. We try all of our coffee and will only sell ones we like.
We sell either as whole beans or ground coffee suitable for either cafetiere or drip filters.


Flavoured coffees are increasingly popular. But most flavoured coffees are made by adding syrup to the finished drink.
We sell flavoured beans - where the flavour is infused into the beans ready to grind.


We sell a range of accessories to make your coffee journey easier. These include Coffee Tubes, drip filter stands and coffee strainers.


We are excited to announce we have just added a selection of teas! As with our coffees, we only sell ones we like. We have a variety of types - both caffeinated and not - and flavours to suite any palate.

Want to buy?

The calendar below shows details of our next events. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you can't wait till then, please visit my Etsy shop page.

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